Mindd Foundation Partners play a key role at the Mindd International Forum and beyond.

They represent a range of important allied health professionals (audiologists, behavioural optometrists, functional neurologists, psychologists, behavioural therapists) as well as healthy products (nutraceuticals, food, personal care, healthy home). All have been reviewed and approved by a Mindd advisory panel of certified practitioners.

At the Forum they spend one-on-one quality time with delegates helping them understand how their products and services can help. They offer information on a range of effective treatments and products.

Beyond the forum, our Partners are listed on our website, promoted at our monthly seminars, included in membership mailouts and in some cases offer affiliate sales to our community.

Key Partners

Mindd Foundation gratefully acknowledges the vision and leadership of the following companies and organisations in recognising the need for the private sector to support a health paradigm that will allow all children the chance to reach their full potential.

Elektra Magnesium
Mindd Foundation