Monthly donations ensure that we have the resources we need to empower parents and communities to help children struggling with complex chronic illness like ADHD, allergies, anxiety, asthma, autism and a range of brain-immuno-gut issues.  Integrative Healthcare offers hope and real solutions.  With support from donors, Mindd Foundation helps families across Australia access the best evidence-based products and services.

Since 2005, Mindd Foundation has been working tirelessly to educate parents and train practitioners in the latest evidence-based science with the help of global experts in Integrative Healthcare with a focus on gut and microbiome health.

Our 100 plus events and online information have helped us empower tens of thousands of families to understand and implement the necessary diet, lifestyle and healthcare changes for children who have been slipping through the cracks.

We provide non-biased thought leadership and help build networks that provide vital support to parents, carers, educators and health professionals.

Please consider making a monthly donation so we can help children like Archie get the healthy start that is truly life-changing. 

Monthly Donations of $14 or more receive a FREE annual Mindd Membership

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  • Exclusive access to videos and powerpoints by world experts in Integrative Healthcare
  • Exclusive access to recipes and cooking demos by expert chefs and nutritionists
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Childhood Disease Trends Require Urgent Action

  • Allergies 1 in 3 (1), Asthma 1 in 4 (2), ADHD 1 in 10 (3) and Autism 1 in 63 (4)
  • 1 in 4 young Australians has a mental health condition (5)
  • Childhood cancer, diabetes, obesity and depression have each more than doubled over the past 2 decades (6)
  • Up to 70% of Australian children are low in iodine which directly impacts on IQ (7)
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