Holistic Dentistry & The Developing Child

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Dr Nancy O’Hara Mindd Health Talk: It’s Not Me, It’s My Germs

| Posted in 20170918

Dr Nancy O’Hara explains how the gut affects Mood Disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Dr Natasha Campbell


Eating Away at Inflammation

Helen Padarin

Helen Padarin presents her session about systemic inflammation. She outlines the link between the br

The ten toxic truths and what you can do about them

Marc Cohen

Professor Marc Cohen talks about the Ten Toxic Truths and What You Can Do About Them.

Managing Chemicals

Terese Kerr

Putting It All Together

Dr. Frank Golik

The Brain & Modern Disease

Dr. Robyn Cosford

The Brain & Modern Disease

Elevated Mauve

Woody McGinnis

Youth Mental Health Q&A

Dr. Frank Golik & Dr. Leila Masson

Youth Mental Health

Dr. Leila Masson

Inflammation & Immune Homeostasis

Alan Little Martin Ashwood

Depression, OCD, ODB in Young People

Dr. Leila Masson | Posted in 20140614

Brain Health and Modern Disease

Robyn Cosford | Posted in 20150207


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