American Researchers Find Blood Test to Detect Autism

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Detect Autism

The usual way to detect Autism is by observing behaviour and through psychological assessments.

However, there has been an increasing amount of research that validates tests that can detect Autism early.

Dr Leila Masson reports on this critical study…

Until recently Autism was considered a brain disorder, but the evidence that it is a whole-body disorder is increasing and no longer refutable.

Metabolic Differences Identified in People with Autism

People with autism may, for example, have increased inflammation, oxidative stress, problems with the folic acid and the 2 carbon (or methylation) cycle – and many more metabolic differences compared to their neurotypical peers.

Now researchers in the USA have found a combination of blood markers that test methylation and trans-sulfuration, and are 97% accurate in diagnosing a person with autism. This research is ground-breaking: it may even allow diagnosis at birth rather than years later – if the markers are already abnormal at birth.

Early Diagnosis of Autism has Advantages

Early diagnosis opens the possibility to genuinely early intervention at a time when the baby’s brain is still growing and flexible and much more influenceable. The earlier treatments for autism start, the more effective they are.

Children’s Development Affected by Metabolic Processes

The metabolic processes tested are happening all the time in every single cell in our bodies – and are needed to produce enzymes, neurotransmitters, reduce oxidative stress and eliminate toxins from the body (and many more things). When these processes do not work smoothly, this can affect a child’s health, behaviour, and development.

Autism Tests that Point to Solutions

Biomedical practitioners test children on the spectrum for issues with these metabolic processes and address any deficiencies with individual diets and supplements. I have seen many children become healthier, happier, more interactive and chattier with nutritional support for methylation and trans-sulfuration. Support for methylation may include B vitamin and zinc supplements.

Transsulfuration problems may improve with supplements that help produce glutathione, the body’s most crucial anti-oxidant.

Further reading on this Breakthrough Research to detect autism…

You can read a review here and the full scientific article here.

About Dr Leila Masson

leilamassonDr Leila Masson is an integrative paediatrician who combines Western medicine with a nutritional, environmental and biomedical approach to help her patients attain optimal health.






A Blood Test for Autism
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