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Health coaching is a new area of health that can transform patient experiences and the clinical outcomes in integrative health care.

Facilitating Lasting Changes for Patient and Family

A well-developed collaboration between skilled physicians and a well-trained coach can support lasting behaviour change and have a profound positive impact on both a patient’s – and a family’s health and wellbeing.

Mindd Health advocates for the role of a Health Coach

Simply put, health coaching facilitates change.
Working with individual patients or groups, a Health Coach uses motivational strategies, behaviour change theory, and communication techniques to help patients create sustainable behaviour changes that lead to better health.

Mindd Health approved Health Coaches can support you with:

  • Bridging the gap between what patients know they need to do to be healthy and the intrinsic motivation that patients need to make and sustain those changes
  • It all starts with a practitioner’s care plan, which guides the formulation of the patient’s wellness goals. Together, patient and coach create a plan to work toward these goals, addressing any challenges or roadblocks that arise and that impede incorporation of the practitioner’s recommendations.
  • The coach will provide feedback to the physician as the patient makes diet and lifestyle changes, simultaneously incorporating input and further guidance from the physician.
  • Depending on their training, they can often provide considerable insight and intelligence on how to adapt and implement dietary and exercise plans for people struggling with specific disorders.
  • Practically speaking, health coaches help medical practices become more “high-touch,” by providing the ongoing day-to-day support and guidance for which most physicians have neither the time nor the training.
  • Coaching can free up a clinician’s time to do what he or she does best while closing care gaps and providing ongoing contact with patients who are transitioning to healthier lifestyles.
  • A coach listens to patients fully, and offers hope, compassion, and support.
  • A coach uses mindfulness, values, intrinsic motivation, and character strengths to help a patient discover what is good and strong within and how to harness this to get well.
  • A coach can run on-site or virtual, group or individual sessions.

Introducing Mindd Health Coaches

Sylvia TarchalskaSylvia Tarchalska

I chose health coaching after an intense personal journey following the birth of my first child in 2009. I believed that I was in the best health that I could be tackling a highly stressful job in the corporate finance sector, but the tell tall signs of chronic health issues continued to build. I realised I had to change direction to regain my health so I started researching the nutritional and lifestyle choices I had mistakenly made. This led me initially to the work of Weston A Price and on further to becoming a functional medicine health coach, partnering with the MINDD foundation.

I currently work for two integrative practitioners in Sydney. In my practice, I support the parents and families overcome any overwhelm they may feel with the practitioners recommended treatment plan. As they journey toward better health, I aim to guide, support, nurture and empower my clients to discover the “why” part of the need for change and then the “how”. I seek to give them tools to modify their lifestyle and behaviour, watching, guiding and empowering them along the way.

This process begins with uncovering health goals and obstacles. Essentially, where are you now? Where do you want to be? – I meet you where you are at and then some…I help you along your journey. This usually involves a combination of the practitioners’ protocol and your current physical and emotional state. What drives you? What brings you joy? What lifestyle factors can be modified? Answers to these questions allow the co-creation of a realistic wellness plan for you or for you and your family.

I also run my own private health coach business using Functional Medicine Health Coach principles.
As a Mindd health coach working within a functional medicine practice, I help families simplify the seemingly complex changes that are sometimes needed as they incorporate FM principles into their daily life.

Phone: 0407 460 784
Instagram: @justbewhole
Skype and Zoom sessions available on request
Skype: sylviaktarchalska

Naomi LeesNaomi Lees

Passionate Health Coach dedicated to supporting the journey from chronic and mystery illness to health. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I see a person as a whole, encompassing mind, body and spirit. Having had my own battle with a mystery illness and Lyme disease for years I want to help liberate others from the “traps” of illness. In embracing the Functional Medicine approach to disease I learned just how out of balance my body was and worked my way back to health with adjustments to diet, lifestyle and supplementation to address my imbalances and deficiencies. In addition to seeing a Functional Medicine Doctor, I had multiple sessions with a Health Coach to stay on track. It was then that I experienced the power of diet, lifestyle, and a mindset on health.

Everyone’s story is different and we are all beautifully unique. I believe no one needs to feel alone. The journey to health is one we all take in our own time. Change is always available.

As a Mindd Functional Medicine Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that enables you to explore, articulate and achieve the goals you set for yourself. I can help you better understand your diagnosis and implementing your doctor’s recommendations.
I draw on my experience, education and 18+ years in the fitness industry to best work with clients. All of which has taught me to respect the individuality of every client. I want clients to feel empowered and confident to move forward with the belief that we all have more control over our health than we think.

When not listening to podcasts and Hay House, you will find me in nature with my kids, sharing a laugh, yoga, jogging or hitting the surf. Friends and wholefoods are just a few of my favourite things.

Phone: 0439 480 235
Instagram: @sportespirit

Charlene HarveyCharlene Harvey

Based in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in south-east Melbourne, I am a dedicated mother to two teenagers and a Functional Medicine Health Coach. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and have a home-based health coaching clinic.

I started exploring nutrition and the functional medicine approach to health when my son became sick and we struggled to get any answers from Drs and specialists. He was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called EoE. Together with an amazing team of doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital and using the functional medicine model we have had great success in managing his disease with minimal drugs, and he is now a happy, well adjusted young man.

As a Mindd Functional Medicine Health Coach, I have a passion for family and youth health and seek to provide help and support to both the families and those living with chronic conditions.


Phone: 0488 033 166

Shelley PhillipsShelley Phillips

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, you can see me as another piece in the puzzle of helping you attain whole self-wellness.. whatever that looks like to you!

I am passionate about working with women, just like me, to help them handle stress in their busy lives. My joy is to see us all happy in bodies we love; that function the way they are meant to; & that provide us with emotional stability.

From my own journey, I know it is by meeting, greeting and working to tame our “stress” that we can create the ability to thrive, not just get by.

And happy days! It’s not all about willpower!

So, as your health coach, we meet where you are at and help you find simple, doable action steps that gain you the most benefit. Nothing is prescriptive. It’s all about you: your needs, your goals.

Together we work to find the bite-sized pieces of goodness that are the next step on your journey to whole-self wellness. We seek a natural progression, where overwhelm does not exist. By simply adding in the “good”, we allow that which does not serve, to drop naturally away.

Imagine arriving in a space where great digestion, pumping metabolism, restorative sleep, emotional resilience, and hormonal happiness are the norm? How good would that grace and ease feel like in your life?

If you are ready to find out a little more, why not reach out to connect with me in a free discovery session?
It’s a great way to answer any questions you may have and find out if coaching is a good fit for you.

In 50 years of exploring me, physically and emotionally, I am genuinely here to help you cut through the confusion of fads, quick fixes & social media jargon. To walk with you into good health and a joyful heart. To be your ally as you become your best version of you.

Mobile: 0405 794 551
Facebook: Home.Heart.Health

Michelle Bishop

Michelle BishopMy personal family health challenges and frustration with standard medical treatments have fuelled my life-long passion for learning about the causes of illness and disease and how to get well. Science and technology are continually breaking through barriers of what we thought we knew, constantly changing the environment we live in and the foods we eat, and transforming the thinking of what contributes to optimal health and wellbeing. Change is inevitable and conflicting information can be confusing. As a Health Coach, I support my clients to understand the causes of their health conditions and the impacts of their daily choices, empowering them to explore and implement the solutions that best serve their health. We work together to create personalised action steps and activities, structured around my client’s goals, values and strengths. Developing a unique holistic road map to recovery and sustained health for the long-term.

I discovered The Mindd Foundation when I was experiencing an unexplained period of ill-health and was looking for answers to feel more well, which then led me on a passionate path of training as a Mindd Functional Medicine Health Coach so that I may support others on their own personal health journeys. As a child, I had an inquisitive mind and a strong interest in how the mind and body work. My interest developed into a passion for reading, studying, learning and investigating many theories about health, healing and holistic wellbeing, throughout my adult life.

The keys to unlocking greater health and wellbeing are unique to each person, their situation, life-stage and the synergy of multiple elements for greatest effect. Personal keys work stronger together than alone, producing a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts. As a health coach, I am able to explore all aspects of health and wellness with my clients and empower them on their journeys of learning how to nourish and nurture the health and wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones. Co-creating an environment where healing, learning and lasting change can take place naturally. An environment where the natural functions of the body and mind can work in harmony and optimally, just as nature intended.

By working with me, you will gain an understanding of wholefood functional nutrition and how to apply the concepts for maximum benefit. We can assess and identify digestive irritations, food triggers and the multiple factors that are pushing your body systems over their stress threshold and into high alert. You will also discover how to nourish your unique mind, body and heart better through practical lifestyle changes and daily habits that lift the bar for you.

Serving you in love and joy,


Phone: +64 21 190 4980  (New Zealand)

Skype sessions available on request (

Jeanette Padilla

Jeanette PadillaJeanette Padilla is a speaker, educator and Functional Medicine Health Coach. She has a passion for helping people to heal naturally and live life optimally.

Jeanette has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with her more recent studies in Functional Medicine Health Coaching.

Combining functional nutrition, positive psychology, and mind body medicine with delayed food sensitivity testing, Jeanette helps people get results fast, often when people have given up hope or seemingly tried everything.

After struggling with her own health challenges, Jeanette discovered that true health is about getting to the root cause of the problem. Her programs and signature system give you the tools and support to take back your health, with a completely personalised wellness plan and symptom-prevention road map.

She partners directly with clients and health care practitioners to minimise inflammation and its often-debilitating symptoms.

Life is meant to be amazing. If that’s not what you’re experiencing, it’s time to take back your optimal health.

Avalon Functional Medicine Solutions Pty Ltd


Phone: +61 422 304 346

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