The Real Dirt on Raising Healthy Kids in a Processed World

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Growing healthy kids in our modern world is a challenge. With nutrient-poor soil and the ever-increasing list of chemicals that infiltrate our lives, the challenges continue to grow.

Dr Shetreat-Klein – A Mother’s Relentless Pursuit of Answers

Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein, New York-based pediatric neurologist, and her family have had their own challenging journey. She has had to dive into the research and explore alternative treatments in looking after her own family. In her book Health Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child Dr Shetreat-Klein shares her story:

Dr-Maya-Shetreat-Klein Healthy Kids“On my youngest son’s first birthday, seemingly out of nowhere, he had his first episode of wheezing. It lasted a week, and it continued on and off for the next ten months. Despite numerous
 prescriptions from his pediatrician—antibiotics, steroids, and nebulizers—his symptoms would improve for only a few days.
Then his nose would start running again and his breathing
 difficulties resumed. He perpetually erupted in mysterious itchy 
Simultaneously, his cognitive development plateaued. Though he had said his first words early at eight months, he 
stopped acquiring language the moment he began to have trouble 
breathing. He tripped frequently and no longer held out his hands 
to catch himself; his face and head hit the ground more times than we could count.
Most frightening, no doctor could offer any approach that might reverse his course. If I—a doctor myself—wasn’t getting answers from physicians, then who was?”

Treating the Root Cause

Dr Maya was rigorous (and desperate) in her search to find root-causes for her son’s distress and ill-health. This led to discoveries about her son and his condition – and within one week of making some significant dietary changes her son’s constant running noses, coughing, and wheezing disappeared. More amazing still, his language promptly began to
 improve after being stalled for months.

According to Dr Shetreat-Klein, there are two ways we know that a child’s body isn’t working as it

  1. A child begins to struggle when exposed to foods,
 trees, or flowers with which we evolved, side by side,
for thousands of years. When the familiar becomes
so unfamiliar that the body treats it as a potentially 
deadly enemy, the body is out of balance.
  2. The most fundamental and necessary functions —eating, breathing, pooping, sleeping, running, laughing, speaking, thinking, learning, playing, and, most important, healing—are disrupted.

Dr Shetreat-Klein presents at Mindd International Forum 2018

Dr Shetreat-Klein will present a masterclass on how our bodies are intricately connected with our ‘terrain’ – our eco-system. Operating on this principle she will present the masterclass to demonstrate how to introduce the synergy between a range of natural therapies that gently support the body’s innate ability to heal, grow and thrive. The result can be a breakthrough for healthy kids – and families.

Learn how and which therapies can benefit the body and brain for conditions as diverse as asthma, allergies, ADHD, migraines and other conditions; how nature improves mood and function;  how diet can transform cognitive performance and overall body health.

Dr Shetreat-Klein’s Masterclass will cover:


  • Nutrient Therapy
  • Special Diets

Natural Therapies

  • Botanicals
  • Essential Oils
  • Aromatherapy

Energetic Medicine

  • Flower Remedies
  • Homeopathy
  • Indigenous Healing

Terrain Medicine

  • Supporting the microbiome
  • Which microbes support which body systems

For Healthy Kids – Get Dirty, Get Healthy with The Dirt Cure:
Interview with Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein



The Dirt Cure: Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child – 2017 by Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein (Author),‎ Rachel Holtzman (Contributor)

Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child – 2016 by Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein (Author)

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