Mindd Foundation Ambassadors

Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart is a mum, an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a chef of real, natural food. Alexx was always passionate about making tasty food, but as a new mother suffering auto-immune issues, fatigue, and migraines, she realised that chemicals and processed foods were impacting her health. She researched studies and counter studies and she drew the links between the things we put in ourselves and the degenerative health situation we and our children find ourselves in. She made a determination to do better, and to bring the whole world with her.
Alexx has been building a community since 2012 centred around tasty recipes that leave you healthier. Her philosophy is a simple one: keep it real, keep it unrefined. Try for organic as much as possible, and listen to what your body really wants and needs. Alexx doesn’t believe in a magical diet for everyone, but she does believe that better food leads to a better you. That’s the lesson she shares.

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