Mindd Foundation Ambassadors

Maria Hunt

Maria is a health practitioner, educator, and media spokesperson who shares her passion for health through television, print, and online media. Working alongside a trained doctor in her Sydney and Armidale practices, she uses Body Ecology principles, the Pfeiffer protocol and DAN techniques to help individuals with autism. She regularly presents her expertise at the Australian Gluten Free Expo, the International Pfeiffer Conference, the Sydney Biomedical Group and the International MINDD Conference; and as an ongoing guest lecturer in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and rural NSW.
Maria is the spokesperson for AGM Foods/Grainfields Australia, head of Australia for Body Ecology (USA) and the senior Body Ecology Advisor. She holds a B.A. Dip. Ed. and is a Master Practitioner NLP and Hypnotherapy and a practising Bowen and Polarity therapist. She is also very experienced in dealing with candida, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid and autoimmune disorders, food allergies, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, and so on.
Maria believes strongly in the power of nutritional supplements and fermented food. In fact, it’s her mantra: “it’s not so much what you eat, it’s what you absorb.” This doesn’t just mean nutrient rich food – it means a healthy gut with plenty of beneficial bacteria, so those nutrients can actually be used by the body. Digestion of food, immune function, vitamin B12 production and many more benefits come from healthy gut flora and rich, healthy diet.
Maria’s practices tailor their approach to the individual’s lifestyle and health concerns, and have been effective on many patients with tough-to-treat or ‘untreatable’ disorders.

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