Digestive Healing

What is it?

Digestive healing involves preventing or healing leaky gut and treating gut dysbiosis (an overgrowth of “bad bugs”) in order to restore the mucosal lining and balance the microbiome. It is best to work with a well-trained practitioner who will help you:

  • Eliminate food allergies: Test for allergies and sensitivities. You may need to cut out gluten, dairy, yeast, corn, soy, and eggs for a week or two and see how your gut feels and what happens to your other symptoms.
  • Eat whole foods: Make sure to include plenty of fiber from unprocessed foods like vegetables, nuts & seeds.
  • Treat any infections or overgrowth of bugs.Parasites, small bowel bacteria, and yeasts can all inhibit proper gut function. You must treat these infections if you want to heal.
  • Replenish digestive enzymes.When you don’t have enough digestive enzymes in your gut, you can’t properly convert the foods you eat into the raw materials necessary to run your body and brain. Take broad-spectrum digestive enzymes with your food to solve the problem.
  • Bring friendly bacteria back into your gut: Take the right probiotic supplements for your body. They will help rebuild the healthy bacteria so essential to good gut health.
  • Eat good fats: Take extra omega-3 supplements, which help cool inflammationin the gut.
  • Heal your gut lining.Use gut-healing nutrients such as glutamine and zinc to repair the lining in your gut so it can resume its normal function.

Who is it for?

Digestive healing supports cellular health and therefore works to both treat and prevent a range of conditions including but not exclusive to;

ADHD, Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma, Autism, Behaviour, Cancer, Celiac, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Eating Disorders, Eczema, Food Intolerances, Heart Disease, Infections, Learning Delay, Obesity, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Pyroluria, Schizophrenia, Sensory Integration, Speech-Language Delay.

In sick people digestive healing can lead to improved immunity. In a healthy person (with accumulating toxins), it can prevent disease.

Children can especially benefit from digestive healing (which can improve cellular health) during important periods of mental and physical development.

What are the costs?

Costs of Digestive Healing vary and are best assessed by a skilled specialist practitioner. They might include consulting fees, lab tests, supplements, books, special foods and consulting from an allied professional (e.g. nutritionist).

Where can I find a certified practitioner?

Finding a well-trained Integrative and/or Functional practitioner requires research but is a vital step in treating complex and chronic illness.

Below are links to lists of practitioners worldwide. We recommend you research the scope, expertise and experience of any practitioners you are considering.

U.S. & Global

Institute of Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs (MAPS)

Australia & New Zealand

Mindd Foundation

The Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)


The British Society for Ecological Medicine

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