Getting Started

Lists of Biomedical practitioners can be found here


The Integrative and Biomedical approaches focus on treating the whole individual for the underlying cause. 

This requires a well-coordinated team of specialists that may include a biomedical doctor, nutritionist, naturopath, chiropractor, Osteopath, Neuro-developmental specialist, behavioural psychologist and more.  For an overview of the Integrative approach, print out the free Mindd Handbook.

This individualised approach does not allow for a one-size fits all protocol.  However, Mindd Foundation promotes a framework for effective treatment that involves the following;

  1. Select & work with a well-trained Biomedical practitioner who understands how to assess, test and treat for biochemical imbalances.   Their treatment should cover digestive tract health, dietary intervention, nutritional supplementation and detoxification.

Biomedical practitioners understand systems biology and how all body systems (Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive, Developmental) are extremely interconnected.  These systems work together  to impact on the mind and body in so many ways.

Lists of Biomedical practitioners can be found here

  1. Make a commitment to following a disciplined biomedical routine that supports cellular health;
    1. a healthy baseline diet; fresh, unrefined, nutrient-rich, fermented and organic where possible.  Avoid additives or preservatives, genetically-modified, char-grilled and microwaved foods
    1. an individualised “special diet” that increases the amounts of necessary nutrients and reduces/eliminates foods that drive allergies or food sensitivities.  Common offending allergens include shellfish, egg and nuts.  Common food sensitivity foods include wheat, dairy, soy, corn and grains
    1. taking nutritional supplements as prescribed by your biomedical practitioner (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids) to support all brain and body systems
  1. Seek evaluation and treatment on muscular-skeletal-nervous system health from a Chiropractor or Osteopath.  There are many physical issues that can affect brain and body health including; retained primitive reflexes, spinal fluid flow, nerve and spinal functioning, muscular-skeletal alignment and energy flow across organ systems.
  1. Seek evaluation and treatment from neuro-developmental specialists for issues such as auditory & visual processing, language & speech, motor delays, sensory processing and retained primitive reflexes.
  1. Seek evaluation and treatment from a behavioural specialist to support development of communication and socialisation.  ABA, Sunrise, Floortime, RDI are among the various options.
  1. Follow lifestyle steps that support detoxification such as buying non-toxic home and personal care products and exercising daily.
  1. Support mental and spiritual health by enjoying life.  Build strong relationships and pursue activities that you love such as sport, art and music.


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