MIF16 Program

The Mindd Forum 2016 features 4 educational streams designed to inform the community and also train health professionals.

Food Is Medicine
Child Teeth/Health
Adult Health
MAPS Practitioner Training

Learn how to feed your body and brain with delicious and nutritious foods that treat and prevent disease. Feed your cells for optimal physical and mental health!

Nutritionists, chefs and mum-bloggers will demo recipes and offer tastings of foods that strengthen immunity, fight infection, support digestion, heal the gut, improve mood, build muscle, balance hormones, boost IQ, alkalinise the body, reduce inflammation and much more.

Sessions will help parents, carers and educators select, sequence and manage a range of treatments including diet, nutrient therapy, musculo-skeletal and cranial support, sensory integration, Primitive Reflex integration, auditory & visual processing, speech & language, motor coordination, neuro-feedback, psychology, healthy home, and more.

Emphasis will be on learning how to balance body chemistry, naturally to lay a strong foundation for neuro and behavioral therapies.

These sessions are designed for parents, grandparents, educators, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, personal trainers, public health professionals, health-oriented business owners, policy-makers, sustainable farmers.

Sessions will help patients select, sequence and manage a range of treatments including special diets, nutrient therapy, preconception care, structural support, energy medicine, exercise, healthy home and lifestyle.

Emphasis will be on early detection and prevention and on reducing oxidative stress and inflammation as a fundamental part of preventing and treating anxiety, asthma, allergies, auto-immune disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, dementia, depression, diabetes, digestive disorders, heart disease, infections, obesity, schizophrenia. Understanding epigenetic factors effecting your health will help you manage the health of the whole family and future generations.

These sessions are designed for patients, educators, psychologists, health professionals, personal trainers, health-oriented business owners, policy-makers, sustainable farmers.

Click here for more information on practitioner training with Mindd Foundation and MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs)..

These sessions are designed for Health Professionals, Doctors, Paediatricians, Nurses, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Dieticians, Scientists, Researchers, Pharmacists.

Practitioners who attend both days will receive certification and a listing on the Mindd Foundation website.

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