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April is Autism Awareness Month

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April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism awareness Month and an important time to recognise those families who advocate every day for a loved-one and also to celebrate the ASD individuals who bring a richer level of diversity and enlightenment to our communities.

This is also a good time to acknowledge the vital work of the Integrative and Natural Healthcare practitioners who work tirelessly to help individuals on the Autism Spectrum to reach their full potential.  What’s more, they do this with with next to no Government recognition nor mainstream media support to help them “flatten the curve” of Autism.

When Mindd Foundation launched 16 years ago, Autism rates were 1 in 150. That alarming statistic brought together a community of deeply caring and concerned practitioners, parents, educators, researchers, advocates and businesses committed to finding science-based healthcare solutions for so many struggling children.

While the news fervently covers a virus with a 98% plus recovery rate, the Autism epidemic quietly rages on placing enormous pressure on families, schools, social services and communities.  In the U.S. 1 in 54 children and 1 in 45 adults live with Autism.  In Australia it’s 1 in 63 children.  If the trajectory continues we will be looking at a U.S. childhood rate of 1 in 4 by 2033.

As a large and growing body of research indicates, there is no coincidence that Autism rates, along with ADHD, allergies, anxiety, digestive and auto-immune disease, are skyrocketing at the same time that our planetary ecosystems are degrading.  Infections, heavy metals and pollutants are common markers that show up in the lab work of ASD patients. As research shows, a damaged gut microbiome from pesticides and overuse of antibiotics impacts on all body systems, especially the brain and the immune system in the case of ASD.

There is a silver lining!  Those of us who have benefited by the care of Natural Health practitioners understand how to support our immune system and our body’s innate ability to heal with the help of fresh organic food; plenty of pure water, fresh air & sunlight; laughter & love.  Working with an Integrative practitioner to determine your need for therapeutic doses of nutrients like Vitamin C, D & zinc is also important in the face of ongoing exposures to infections.

As the battle between the Great Reset & the Great Awakening rages on, there has been a quantum leap in the understanding of what really serves the majority of people and it starts with buying local, growing organic, hugging your neighbor, connecting with your congregation and offering a smile of awareness to someone with Autism.

Leslie Embersits,

Executive Director, Mindd Foundation

Mindd Foundation